From idea to prototype and then on to production

Spectronic Innovation Lab is an R&D facility for electronics, mechanics, software, AI and med-tech development. At the lab we have a passion for product development and our goal is to assist innovative companies in bringing their high-tech concepts into real products. Within the lab we have the equipment, knowledge and lab space to go all the way from idea to prototype and then on to production. We welcome innovative companies and organizations to Spectronic Innovation Lab to bring your ideas into reality.


Product development

We invite startups and innovative companies to be present at the lab to perform their product development work. We offer several workspace configurations and access to a wide range of equipment. Depending on your preferences we can also provide technical engineering support within a wide range of disciplines.

Innovation Projects

For larger companies and organizations we offer fully supervised innovation projects. A dedicated tech team will then work with your key personell to identify, prototype and implement cutting edge technologies that will inject pure innovation into your organization.


Spectronic Tech Team

The Spectronic Tech Team is our expert and consultancy team, there to assist you in your product development endeavors. Our team can help you in the fields of AI, software development, data science, electronics, RF/LF engineering, IoT, robotics, mechanics, 3D CAD, medtech and a lot more. Either let the team do the full design for you, or just bring the team in when you have got stuck. It’s up to you.

Part of an ecosystem

Spectronic Innovation is a subsidiary of Spectronic AB, striving to encourage and support high-tech product development in Scandinavia. The open lab initiative is driven by Spectronic Innovation AB, in collaboration with both Helsingborg Stad and Region Skåne.

Spectronic Innovation Lab is working closely with leading accelerators and incubators to provide both business development programs and pitch events with large investors focusing on innovative startup and scaleup projects.

If your project is at an early stage, let us know. We'll help you on your path towards success.

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  • Epitrend


    A thermal scanner with a privacy centric edge AI to measure the percentage of a population experiencing elevated temperatures.



    A novel dialysis device compact enough to be used in the patient’s home.



    A high performance wide band RF amplifier for the 450 Mhz band for rural IoT applications.

  • MRI Planner


    A CNN based software trained to analyze MR images and identify organ structures and tissue densities that are of importance in radiotherapy planning.



    A light-weight unit comprising 1200 suspended spherical markers designed for MRI scanner geometry distortion assessment.



    A platform that allows integration of AI based applications in a hospital environment, including a full API and complete app store functionality.


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